Ordeal Of Innocence (English Translated Novel)

Ordeal Of Innocence (English Translated Novel)

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Ordeal Of Innocence (English Translated Novel) - By Jayanti M Dalal.

Ordeal Of Innocence is translation of Gujarati novel આંખને સગપણ આંસુના

About this book:

 "It's all a matter of pure luck. The vageries of life are hard to predict. Look at you. Sukanya is the kind of woman that every man would love to marry. She has made you so happy, filled your life with the flowers of her love, made it a happy journey. Only a God-fearing man would be so lucky." Ron was shocked by Shashank's laughter, a laugh that had an undercurrent of unnamed sorrow. Ron looked at Shashank, perplexed. Finishing his drink Shashank placed his glass on a side table. His face was clouded with grief. Ron, who had seen the look in Shashank's face, asked, "Shashank, what is the problem? You look so sad. Does this have something to do with the reason you called me here?"
Shashank nodded slowly. "Something terrible has happened and I am totally shattered. I need to talk about it to someone and you are the only person I trust."
"What is it?"
"I have been betrayed by Sukanya…"
-Excerpt from Ordeal of Innocence by Jayanti M. Dalal

When everything is lost in a single heartbreaking moment, can it ever be regained?

This is the question posed in Ordeal of Innocence by Jayanti M. Dalal. Overwhelmingly received when first published in India, this first-ever English translation of Ordeal of Innocence marks Mr.Dalal's U.S. debut. He tells the tale of Shashank and Sukanya, a well-to-do Indian couple whose lives are shattered when they must live with the aftermath of a violent crime. Forced to live apart, Shashank and Sukanya struggle to build new lives, each unable to forget the other and wondering if the love they shared will ever be restored.

Rich with the color and tradition of Indian colture, Ordeal of Innocence is a remarkable tale that explores the many facets and forms of human relationships, as well as the indomitable nature of the human spirit.


How could one stormy night lead to a lifetime of tragedy and heartache?

Shashank and Sukanya are a happily married well-to-do Indian couple living in America. Their lives are perfect until the birth of their first child, Laxmi. Due to various misfortunes and misunderstandings, they become estranged and end up worlds apart. Will they ever be able to regain the life and love they shared together?

Jayanti M. Dalal's Ordeal of Innocence weaves a yarn of personal relationships with emotional despair and triumph to create a compelling narrative that resonates with Indian culture. Through Shashank and Sukanya, Dalal examines the precariousness of human relationships, whether they are through marriage, friendship, or family, and offers insight into the human spirit.

Follow Shashank and Sukanya as they struggle to survive an ordeal of innocence.

Jayanti M. Dalal is the author of twenty-two books in his native India. He continues to reside in Mumbai, where he is currently at work on his next novel 'Spatial Echoes'.



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