About Us

GujaratiBooks.com has been launched in 1999 as an online Gujarati books store.
The main aim behind GujaratiBooks.com is to make available all kind of Gujarati books & literature under one roof.

GujaratiBooks.com is one of the early sites who adopt the concept of e-commerce for payment processing. Since 1999 GujaratiBooks.com has successfully processed more than 25000  orders from world wide.

Gujaratibooks.com is the only site on the internet which has the collection of more than 20,000 Gujarati books titles  of all major Gujarati language books publishers. In 2003 we have added Gujarati movies, Gujarati drama, Gujarati jokes, & Gujarati bhajan's best seller CD/DVD collection on our store. Apart from this all Indian language magazines are also available for subscription.

For GujaratiBooks.com, every customer, entering  the online store to browse  through  there vast stocks of  books is important, whether he is  an overseas  buyer buying books worth  few hundred  rupees. Many institutions, libraries, schools, colleges,  universities, literary institutions, both  in the country and abroad , are regular  customers  of  GujaratiBooks.com . Over  the years , GujaratiBooks.com   has blossomed  into a  large  but well organized  enterprises.

GujaratiBooks.com has a galaxy of more than 3500 Gujarati Writers  -- some  of  the  most out standing and brilliant of  them. To mention  only a  few leading  names : Chandrakant  Bakshi, Zaverchand  Maghani, Chunilal Madia, Kundanika  Kapadia, Suresh Dalal, Jivaram  Joshi, Yashavant Mehta, Dinkar Joshi, Priyakant  Parikh, Makrant Dave,  Bhupat Vadodaria, Kanti Bhatt, Girish Ganatra and others.