Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

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Author: Yogendra Jani
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Sir Isaac Newton by Yogendra Jani |  Gujarati Biography book of the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton

સર આઈઝેક ન્યુટન - લેખક : યોગેન્દ્ર જાની 

આલ્કેમી, ધર્મ એમ વિવિધ ક્ષેત્રે નામ કાઢનાર વિજ્ઞાની જિનિયસ 

Mathematical achievements of Newton

  1. Generalized binomial theorem
  2. Newton’s identities,
  3. Newton’s method,
  4. Classified cubic plane curves (polynomials of degree three in two variables),
  5. Substantial contributions to the theory of finite differences,
  6. Use of fractional indices
  7. Used geometry to derive solutions to Diophantine equations.
  8. Used power series with confidence and to revert power series.
  9. Discovered a new formula for pi

Scientific Achievements of Newton

  1. Optics – Newton made great advancements in the study of optics. In particular, he developed the spectrum by splitting white light through a prism.
  2. Telescope – Made significant improvements to the development of the telescope. However, when his ideas were criticised by Hooke, Newton withdrew from the public debate. He developed an antagonistic and hostile attitude to Hooke, throughout his life.
  3. Mechanics and Gravitation. In his famous book Principia Mathematica. (1687) Newton explained the three laws of motion that laid the framework for modern physics.
  4. This involved explaining planetary movements.

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