Sanskar Shakti (English)

Sanskar Shakti (English)

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Sanskar Shakti (English)  - The power of sacrament.

સંસ્કાર શક્તિ - અંગ્રેજી 

At the time of Birth..

The most important part is the evironment during birth. the place where the birth is going to be. The clean and the positive vibes of the place effects the baby and its goodwill. the first touch, first visiom,first colour, etc effects the baby lifetime. The first touch of baby should be by a kind hearted person and a good character, and must tack care that unknown person doesnt touch your baby.
                                                         The birth must be by natural delivery and not caesarean delivery, this has its own importance. But these days before birth all the medicines or the inappropriate food intake by mother causes caesarean delivery. This effects the mother and baby as well so its a topic of concern.

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