Garbh Sanskar You Reap As You Sow (English Edition)

Garbh Sanskar You Reap As You Sow (English Edition)

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Publication Year: 2021
Number of Pages: 167
Binding: Hard
ISBN: 9789385037894
Age Group: for all the newlywed couples and expecting parents


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Garbh Sanskar You Reap As You Sow By Devangi Jogal In English | Garbh Sanskar book in English

About The Book:

The book has been written in such an engagng and simple way that everyone will find it an interesting read. It explains the science behind Garbhsanskar in the easiest possible way. It offers the best practical guide for newlywed couples and expecting parents, among others.


We celebrate the day we take the first breath outside the mother's womb as our birthday. But in reality, we are born much earlier. The wonderful journey called pregnancy begins with a fetus and ends with our arrival in this beautiful world.

The ancient wisdom we employ to shape the little mind during pregnancy is called Garbh Sanskar.

Pregnancy is the best time to observe and understand the magical powers of nature. Creation of life is similar to crop cultivation. A farmer prepares the soil for sowing, uses the right fertilizers and ensures ample natural sunlight and water to yield a healthy crop. Birth of a human life is no different. With all the care and precautions, we can have a healthy and ideal child.

Get to know more about pregnancy and your child and Ace your parenthood by the help of this book.

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