Lord Hanuman (Gujarati)

Lord Hanuman (Gujarati)

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Lord Hanuman - Gujarati

Description Lord Hanuman the son of Lord Vayu God of Wind is well known by his monkey faced & a tail bearing. In Ramayan-the hindu epic he is well known for his devotion towards Lord Rama.
Lord Hanuman believed to be an Immortal god is also known by the Kids for his Knowledge, Courage, Power, Devotion & Sacrifice. Kids like his amusing face very much.
  • Birth & Childhood,
  • Learned Hanuman,
  • Meeting Rama,
  • Brings Sanjivini,
  • Incomparable Devotion - these 5 Stories are presented with Good Animation.

The Stories in 2 languages English & Gujarati will enrich kids language & vocabulary.
This CD is compatible with PC/VCD/DVD. The Games & Activity section for PC will bring the children more fun & develop Concentration.
Special Activity section for PC included.

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