Chel Chabilo Gujarati

Chel Chabilo Gujarati

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Chel Chabilo Gujarati (Gujarati Comedy Drama) - 2008
Director : 

Vipul Mehta

Writer :  Imtiaz Patel
Cast : 

Sanjay Goradia, etc..

Synopsis : 

Chel Chabilo Gujarati based upon P L Deshpande's classic "Tuz Ahe Tuz Pashi" is a satire subtly told on many levels through the protagonist Nanu Kaka and the antagonist Acharya Atamarambapu. The play tells us the values dear to both, Nanu Kaka and Acharya, and how in the stream of their thoughts other characters get thrown in are tossed about and finally resolve their struggles. Usha, swayed by the simple living, high thinking' philosophy of the acharyaji. She invites him and his adopted daughter Geeta her house to conduct a camp. While her easy going Nanu Kaka and her fun loving brother Shyam are resigned to Usha's attitude, they prepare to welcome Acharyaji. Geeta brought up in the stern discipline and austerity of the ashram contemplates on her life which she realises is no different from a game of chess where chess pieces can only move inpredetermind steps. As Usha begins to realise how she has spent her energy in a cause she doesn't believe in, her brother comes under the influence of Acharyaji, because of Geeta.

The play talks about the human-pawns who revolt, as they have done all along, under complex circumstances. What is good, what is evil, is not to be decided by someone outside you and it is the duty of each one of us, to bring the less knowing of the level where he or she can take independent decisions.

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