Buddha E Maari Sixer

Buddha E Maari Sixer

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Buddha E Maari Sixer (Gujarati Comedy Drama) - 2008
Writer :  Imtiaz Patel
Director :  Vipul Mehta
Cast : 

Ragini, Jagesh Mukati, Anand Goradia, Dilip Bhuta, Amish Tanna, Vaishakhi Shukla, Harsh Mehta and Utkarsh Majumdar.

Synopsis An old man of 60, Sitanshu is living in an old house of Vile Parle with his two sons and a daughter. The elder son of the family Pratham is married to a builder’s daughter Tulsi who is exactly opposite to his character to what her name suggests. Pratham married her primarily for her money as he is involved in a hit and run case and the case is on and he desperately needs 10 lakhs to settled the case. But to his much frustration the builder has disowned his daughter and thus Pratham is left lurking in between for those 10 lakhs. The second son Pushpak is as fat as Adnan sami and much to the discomfort of his father Pushpak is also influenced by Adnan Sami. He has also collected the details as to how Adnan Sami has reduced his weight, now Pushpak wants 14 thousand dollars to go abroad for the liposuction (reducing weight). The daughter of the house Parijat was married to a guy but now she has left and has returned back to her father. Sitanshu is in much trouble looking after the needs of his children.
Now one day the builder comes to the house and see it. House is located in prime location and so he offers them 200 crores for the house. Sitanshu’s children jump on this offer but father does want to sell it. Children get after Sitanshu’s life and out of frustration one day Sitanshu decides to make suicide and he jumps from the first floor of the building.
Here comes a dramatic twist and this play from here on is a laughter riot of how the father straightens his three children and make them realize their mistake.
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