The Symphony of Krishna In English

The Symphony of Krishna In English

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Author: Gunvant Shah
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Publication Year: 2017
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ISBN: 9789351223191


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The Symphony of Krishna In English By Gunvant Shah

On seashore wave after wave spread over the sand
from the infinite flow of waves. A mighty wave like a
cobra-head springs on and leaps over the uneven line
of soaked sand in the context of time. people identify
one such unique wave as an advent of a super being or
an incantation.

Krishna was such a unique wave, for the people of
indie he became a legendary phenomenon and a
distinct happening. His name let loose vibrations of
faith and devotion in minds of all and sundry. A man
can never swim without faith. never drown without a
blind faith.

Krishna’s greatness lies in his appearance as natural as
he himself was. Krishna was so natural (Sahaja) that
his greatness appears embellished with his

The Symphony of Krishna' is a subtle bridge between
the east and the west. between the past and the
present. between Yagnavalkya and Einstein.

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