Gujarati - Angreji Samantar Kosh

Gujarati - Angreji Samantar Kosh

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Author: Doctor Mafatlal Bhavsar
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Publication Year: 2020
Number of Pages: 424
Binding: Soft
ISBN: 9789381442791


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Gujarati - Angreji Samantar Kosh by Dr. Mafatlal Bhavsar | New Gujarati - English Dictionary Book

ગુજરાતી - અંગ્રેજી સમાંતર કોશ - લેખક : ડો.મફતલાલ ભાવસાર 

Author Detalis :
Dr. Mafatlal A. Bhavsar has 65 years teaching experience in different educational institutions. He taught Gujarati language to the government officials for many years. in his later life, his conspicuous dedication in his lexicons. his 'paryay kosh' the first thesaurus in gujarati language. other thesaurus 'Bruhad Gujarati samantar kosh' is also completed.

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