Utsav Darpan - Gujarati Panchang

Utsav Darpan - Gujarati Panchang

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New  Utsav Darpan - Gujarati Panchang વિ. સં ૨૦૭૫ ઈ.સ. ૨૦૧૮-૧૯ 

Panchang means ALMANAC i.e. A Calendar of days, weeks, months, etc. It contains number of information relating to Astrology. As fare as Indian Almanac (Panchnag) is concern it mainly contains Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karn, transition of Moon in various Rashi's, Sun rise - Sun set, etc. with their respective timings. Its diameter is so vast that it cannot be explain in words. One full Almanac consists almost 200 to 250 pages, which is not useful for a common person or a person who doesn't have knowledge of Astrology.

What is Utsava Darpan ?


It is an Almanac (Panchang), but only with the selective details form the above mentioned Almanac. It just cover the details which a common man requires in day-to-day life, this makes it is easy & helpful.

Contains of Utsava Darpan. It's details starts from Kartik Sud 1 (1st day of Gujarati New Year) to Aso Vad 30 (last day of Gujarati Year i.e. Dipawali)

It contains

  • Tithis (dates as per Hindu Calendar)

  • Days of the week

  • Dates (as per English Calendar)

  • Months (as per Hindu & English Calendar)

  • Nakshatra

  • Transition of Moon

  • Common festivals of Hindu religion

  • Auspicious occasion (Utsava) of Vaishanavas.

  • General auspicious days in the years.

  • Different Muhurats.

  • Different Vrats (fasting dates)

Technical details :

In total there are 40 pages. Out of these 8 pages will be in 4 colors (7pages for different photographs of Gods + 1page  blank for Advertisement) on 210 gsm art card with lamination on both side of the cover. Remaining 32 pages contains details of panchang which will be printed in 2 colors on white paper. Size of the panchang will be approximately 4 x 5.5 (inches). 

Why Utsava Darpan?


  • Details of UTSAVA DARPAN is printed on good quality paper with artistic layout in two colour. Photographs of gods are printed on high quality Art Card with lamination which makes it more attractive.

  • It gives option to select any 1 set from the given 2 sets of photographs of gods with 7 photographs in each sets, which is highest among all others. Set 1 is specifically for the devotees of Pushtimargiya Vaishnava Sect. Set 2 consist photographs of different gods which is acceptable to all the devotees of Hindu religion.

  • UTSAVA DARPAN is the only Almanac which gives the authentic details regarding the Utsava of Pushtimargiya Vaishav Sect, which is verified by the authentic Acharaya's & Astrologer of the sect.

  • Special details on Eclipse (Grahan).

  • Details regarding Panoti of Shani (Saturn).

  • Muhurat of Marriages, Vastu-Kalash (i.e. for purchasing / constructing house/Building., Office etc.) Yagnopavit (i.e. Janoi), Muhurats pertaining to Pooja's of Dashera, Diwali, New Year etc. are given separately in a systematic manner.

  • It is also loaded with traditionally followed Horas & Chogadiyas both. It also reflects inauspicious periods like Dhanarkmas, Meenarkmas, Holashatak, etc.

  • Our English version is Printed in a Diacritical fonts, which makes the pronunciation of Indian words easier.

Note: We don't sale this panchang in single quantity. We can take orders only for more than 1000 copies. We also provide facility of distribution of your Panchang to your friends & relatives at very nominal cost. Printing of photograph is possible. For costing & price kindly contact us.


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