Swaroop Darshan - Pocket Calender

Swaroop Darshan - Pocket Calender

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Swaroop Darshan  is a pocket calendar. Details of Swaroop Darshan  is useful for everyone, but it is most useful for those who keeps on traveling as it can be carried in a pocket due its small size. In Swaroop Darshan  we have tried to cover all the important details of panchang, such as  Date, Tithes (date as per Hindu calendar), Week Days. We have also included Utsavas of Vaishnavas, details pertaining to Eclipse, fasting of full moon day,  fasting of Ekadashi ( the eleventh day of every fortnight in Hindu calendar), etc.

Technical details : It is a 6 fold folder type calendar. It is printed on art card with lamination on both the sides. All the details including 4 photographs of Shreenathji, details of calendar viz., Date, Titthi, Week Days, Utsavas, etc. are printed in 4 color. Totally there are 12 folds (6 on each side) out of these 12 folds 4 folds will be used for 4 different photographs of Shreenathji, 6 folds for details of calendar & remaining 2 blank folds will be provided for Advertisement. Size of calendar will be approximately 3.7 x 16.8 (inches) & 3.7 x 2.8 (inches) after folding.


1. Shreenathji (Cove page)

2.  Shreenathji (FullMandli)

3. Hindola

4. Shayam Gattha

5 to 8 (4 pages for details of Calendar) 






9 & 10  (2  pages for other details of Calendar) 

 2 pages blank for Adv.


Note: We don't sale this calendar in single quantity. We can take orders only for more than 500 copies. We also provide facility of distribution of your Panchang to your friends & relatives at very nominal cost. Printing of photograph & advertisement is possible. For costing & price kindly contact us.

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