Sindhabad Beyond The Veli of Mists (Hindi)

Sindhabad Beyond The Veli of Mists (Hindi)

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Sinbad - Beyond The Viel of Mists is an action adventure film that tracks the story of Princess Serena, daughter of King Chandra, on her voyage Beyond the veil of Mists to save her father�s life from the evil clutches of the mysterious sorcerer Baraka. The Princess seeks the help of Sinbad and his crew and they set out in search of the magic potion to save King Chandra. Their adventures with deep sea monsters, pre-historic bats and the fish people in the land Beyond the veil of Mists, fills this action packed adventure film with a plethora of never before seen Animation, computer Graphics and Special Effects.Sinbad is the worlds first animated feature film produced through 3D MOTION CAPTURE. Famous Hollywood star Brendan Fraser lends his voice to Sinbad


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