Be Aakash

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Mr. Rajesh V V Rajgor
Nov 19, 2018
Ms. Shobhana Shah’s Gujarati language novel ‘Be Aakash’ (Two Skies) is a book that is warmly personal and yet explores the unknown. Breaking the common travel myths like, romance blooming between a boy and a girl, the story of the lead teenager Keyur in the book, is that of adventure, novelty and quirky account of his accidental encounter with a Japanese robot! Click the blog link to read more.:
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PN Shah
Dec 15, 2018
Excellent book and the Novel story keeps you so much engaged that once you have started to read , you won’t like to take the break .
I see this book could be of interest to all age people say 9 to 90 who can read the language .
Additionally the author has added one table at the end for those who knows our national lengiage alphabets can also read if they can learn only one page unique alphabets provided . Great and innovative solution and encouragement to those who don’t want to loose the opportunity to read this great book .Well done Author . When do we get to see some more books from you !
All the best .
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