Lord Krishna (Gujarati)

Lord Krishna (Gujarati)

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Lord Krishna - Malayam

Description Lord Krishna is another famous character in Hindu Mythology represented in the famous epic Mahabharatha. Lord Krishna is the one who delievered Gita Philosophy to the World. Here Lord Krishna`s Childhood days stories are remembered.
Lord Krishna is the comman cowherd engaging the Milkmaids & eating butter without others knowledge is known to everyone.His Naughty childhood & most endearing life in Mathura will please every kid.The 5 interesting Stories of Lord Krishna
  • Samanthaka gem,
  • Narakasuran,
  • Krishna Rukmani,
  • Krishna,
  • Krishna & Kamsa
    which portray Krishna`s noble are presented in 2 languages in English and Malayam with Good Animation

It is compatiable with PC/VCD/DVD.
The Activities & Games section for the kids will make them enjoy and develop Memory Skills.


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