Krishna Lila (Gujarati) - Set of 2 Books

Krishna Lila (Gujarati) - Set of 2 Books

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Author: Navneet
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Publication Year: 2022
Binding: Soft
ISBN: 987-81-243-2717-3

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Krishna Lila in Gujarati - Set of 2 Books. Age 7-9 years.

Krishna a set of 8 books contain stories of Krishna, based on the Mahabharata, the Bhagvat Gita and the Harivansha. The Harivansha contains some stories and incidents that do not find a menton in the Mahabharata and the Bhagvat Gita. In short, KRISHNA is a wonderful compilation of various stories taken from the aforementioned sources. Krishna is written in simple and lucid language, which children can easily read and understand.
  • Written and illustrated in a lively and dynamic style, capturing the spirit of Krishna.
  • Young children will love reading the stories again and again.
  • Elders too, will love reading and narrating these stories.

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