Shri Bhishmavatar

Shri Bhishmavatar

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Author: Professor Bhogibhai Shah
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Publication Year: 2018
Number of Pages: 312
Binding: Hard


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Shri Bhishmavatar by Professor Bhogibhai Shah | Gujarati book | Best Religious Gujarati book by Bhogibhai Shah | The religious genius novel based on the Mahabharata in Gujarati with focus on character Bhisma

શ્રી ભીષ્મવતાર - લેખક : પ્રોફેસર ભોગીભાઈ શાહ 

(મહાભારત મહાગ્રંથ પર આધારિત ધાર્મિક - મૌલિક નવલકથા)

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