Oh My Son (English Book)

Oh My Son (English Book)

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Publication Year: 2017
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Oh My Son By (English) Seema G. Saxena

Indian mythology is an ocean of stories, entertaining and imparting worldly wisdom in everyday life. These stories form parts of larger epics and other texts and have been told and retold thousands of times, orally by grandparents and storytellers and later in written form. These stories have travelled through space and time for millenniums, nurtured lives of succeeding generations in India and earned immense interest on distant shores. Many authors have tried their pen at these stories, transformed, paraphrased, adapted to newer situations and societies. The telling, retelling, adaptations and paraphrasing have been an unending process.

Here is a fascinating collection of the stories and snippets culled from our puraans, epics and mythological texts, containing relatively unknown facets of the commonest of the ancient tales. The language and style would capture newer, younger perceptive mind, here in our land and abroad. Navajivan is happy to place before the new readership this modest collection of stories that is a part India’s timeless heritage.

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