Mahaveer The Appostle of Non Violence (English)

Mahaveer The Appostle of Non Violence (English)

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Author: Gunavant Shah
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Publication Year: 2022
Number of Pages: 128
Binding: soft
ISBN: 97893292613579


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Mahaveer The Appostle of Non Violence In English by Gunvant Shah

                 One need not be a Jain in order to read this book. Mahaveer Swami is not the sole property of Jains. He is an adorable architect, a Tirthankar for the whole world. To link him with any sect or community is a folly, in no way different than binding sun-rays in a bundle. There would be no harm if one less Jain Temple or Derasar is built but a greater harm if the teaching of Mahaveer is not allowed to reach the meat-eating younger generation. When I see a Hindu or a Jain young man eating meat in the name of fashion, I hear a beseeching cry in the wilderness, of Derasar-bound ritualistic Ahimsa. If a reader, having sincerely read this book doesn't feel like reducing his meat-intake or getting rid of meat-eating altogether, I shall feel responsible for failing to convince him.

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