Tiffin Snacks And Bag Lunches

Tiffin Snacks And Bag Lunches

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Author: Navneet
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Publication Year: 2013
Number of Pages: 64
Binding: Soft
ISBN: 9788124317990


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Tiffin Snacks & Bag Lunches and also after-school Snacks by Sunita Talreja

It is a challenge for every mother as she wants to do her best in providing her child with a nourishing and well-balanced meal. There are a variety of food items, suitable for both packed snacks or lunches as well as for after-school snacks, within the covers of this book. A well-balanced book garnished with love and affection.
Table of Contents
1. Basic Recipes
2. Tiffin Snacks
3. Lunch Box Recipes
4. After School Snacks
5. Sweets
6. Drinks

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