Shiv Mahapuran Hindi TV Serial.

Shiv Mahapuran Hindi TV Serial.

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Shiv Mahapuran  Hindi TV Serial with English subtitiles.

‘Shiva is the lord of lords…. The greatest of all gods…. ‘He’ is the ‘Omnipresent’…. ‘He’ is ‘Omniscient’…. On ‘His’ Command, the uniscense is born…. & destroyed in each cycle of time…. If pleased….. ‘He’ Bestowes, ample happiness upon his ‘Bhaktas’ & tables all their sufferings away…. The scared flame of lord Sadashiva’ Enlightens it’s bhaktas On the path of ‘Mokasha’.... With The reverbreathing sound of the chnats of ‘OM NAMAH SHIVAY’ Get all 58 episodes in one pendrive

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