Darshali Soni

Darshali Soni

Darshali Soni is Rajkot, India based author and compiler of more 
than 18 books. She's also been a youngest columnist in Phulchhab 
since 2017 - a leading Saurashtra News paper since 1921. She has 
written more than 100 Movie talks in Phulchhab.

Apart from that, She has started concept called "Movie Talks" for the first time in India. Where she does not review the movie but tells a tale of sharing of Hollywood movies. Darshali has also conducted live movie talks in Rajkot. She loves to be youtuber in her free time and used to conduct seminars in her college life.

Darshali has translated best selling international book of Steve Siabold - "177 Mental Toughness secrets of world class" in Gujarati language. She has also written books on spiritual stuff. She is the complier of a spiritual series called "Sanskrit Sahitya Shreni" containing books on Upnishad, Ved, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Sanskrit Natko, Baudhh stories and many more.

Her best selling series is "Let's learn" Series at the age of 22. Where she has written more than 15 books on different subjects like - Management,Creativity, Digital Marketing,Mind power, Decision making, Time management, Marketing, Getting rich and many more.

Her upcoming series is for children. And yup, she is blogger too and founder of Jugnu Media as well.

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