Bhajan Masterpiece vol. 1

Bhajan Masterpiece vol. 1

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Bhajan Masterpiece vol. 1 | colection of best Hindi Bhajan in MP3

  1. Anup jalota- bhajan
  2. Bhajans from films
  3. Charaamrit bhajans- hari om sharan
  4. Shraddhanjali- pt bhimsen joshi
  5. Dhuns & mantras- 1
  6. Pradeep bhajans
  7. Jagjit singh & chitra singh bhajans
  8. Jagraata – 1
  9. Lata- meera bhajans
  10. Shraddhan bhimsen joshi

Bhajan in Hindu traditions is an informal, loosely structured devotional song with music in a regional language. They are found all over India and Nepal, but are particularly popular among the Vaishnavism sub-traditions such as those driven by devotion to avatars of Vishnu such as Krishna, Rama, Vitthal and Narayana (often with their consorts).

Become a devotee by listening these auspicious bhajans.

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