B D Kher

B.D. Kher Author profile
born Pune, Maharashtra, India
died June 22, 2012
gender rmale
genreHistory, Biography, Fiction

About this author:
Renowned Marathi Author who crossed the boundaries of languages.

At the age of 7 yrs, he decided to become a writer. That was not just a dream but his ambition. He was from a lawyer’s family. He also studied law but did not practice it.

B.D.Kher, who wrote about 117 books during his life time, wrote his first book in 1939. His recently published books in Marathi, 'Sanjeevan' (based on the life of Sant Dnyaneshwar) and 'Gandharvagatha' (based on the life of Balgandharv), were well received by readers. Kher left Marathi daily 'Kesri' as an associate editor after 22 years of service. Later, he joined 'Sahyadri' as the editor and stayed in that position for 10 years.

In 1976, a Japanese foundation had invited him to write a novel on the Hiroshima bombing incident. Kher received awards for his novels like 'Anandbhavan', 'Hasre Dukkha', 'Hiroshima', 'Samagra Lokmanya Tilak' etc. Recently his first translated Gujarati book on Chanakya "Yugdrasta" become best seller title.

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