To Lagi Sharat

To Lagi Sharat

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To Laagi Sharat

Writer : Sanjay V. Shah
Director : Abhay Harpade
Cast : Jaanvi Chheda, Jayesh Barbhaya, Sharad Sharma, Devyani Thaker & others.

The story of TO LAAGI SHARAT is about a group of four friends- Sanjana (Jaanvi Chheda), Param (Jayesh Barbhaya), Priya (Dimple Hathi), and Pandya (Vikas Kadam). Sanjana and Param are in love but Sanjana’s father Tribhuvan (Sharad Sharma) does not approve of her relationship with Param.

The plot of this story typically revolves around a rich father who wants his to-be son-in-law to prove his mettle by earning a ridiculous amount in a month’s time. If this doesn’t already sound familiar, remember the movie, Khiladi?

However the makers of this drama vouch that for all the token familiarity, Act II of the play will surprise the audience. The set of this play is designed by Chhel Paresh while light and sound design are by Tushar Joshi and Umesh Rajput respectively


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