Prem Karta Punture Padyu

Prem Karta Punture Padyu

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Prem Karta Punture Padyu (Gujarati Comedy Play) - 2009
Director :  Vipul Mehta
Cast :  Sanat Vyas,Saunil Daru,Kapil Bhuta,Yatin,Padmarani,Deepali Bhuta,Harsh Mehta,Meera,Khushboo.
Synopsis: ‘Prem Karta Puncture Padyu’ talks profusely about love and its types over the generations. Premlataa, the protagonist, has always stood by Love. In her age, she had to run away from house to marry her love. But, her own husband refuses to let their children marry their own way. Premlataa leads them to get their love. But now, when she is 80, she can’t understand her grand-children’s love. One of them wants to go into move-in relationship and another is homosexual. Can she ever understand today’s generations’ Love?? Will she support them, when her whole family is against them???
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