Pappa Padharavo Savdhan

Pappa Padharavo Savdhan

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Pappa Padharavo Savdhan (Gujarati Comedy Play) - 2009
Director :  Raju Joshi
Cast :  Rajiv Mehta,Devyani Thakar, Charul Bhavsar, Nilesh Joshi, Leena Shah
Synopsis: People say if you do hard work to achieve something you can get it easily. This story is about two people who are very close to each other but still can not accept one fact easily. There is a very good relationship between father & daughter. Father wishes that his daughter gets happily married & even the daughter also has same felling for her Father , but is this ever possible? Will the daughter be able to get her father married? What is the suspense? To get the answers of the above question watch Pappa Padharavo Savdhan.
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