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Jalsakaro Jayantilal

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Love. This evergreen word sometimes means the idiotic behaviour of intelligent human beings and intelligence of idiots. Love has that power which transforms desert into green fields. It can grow roses even on volcano. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is said that love never dies. Those eternal lovers like Romeo and Juliet. and Sohani and Mahiwal are still alive. They are still in love. The style and the form of love might have changed, but the intensity of love hasn't. Jalsa Karo Jayantilal is one such uncommon love story of a common man.

Jayantilal is an estate agent. Obviously, with sweet tongue. He can easily win over somebody with what he speaks. He wears thick glasses, long Kurta and wide pyjama. The only purpose of his life is Money is everything. To earn money he can deceive anybody. Emotions, love, relationship, feelings-these are the words that don't exist in his dictionary. However, he adores his grandma, who has raised him. Grandma wants Jayantilal to get married and setle down in life, but our hero wants to earn so much money that even Reserve Bank of India doesn't produce.

Jayantilal has one more passion apart from earning money. He is crazy about Hindi films. He would see films in the first day first show, but obviously in lower stall. For his, film is a sort of a five course meal, which provides all the tastes of life, like : feeling, emotions, relationships, dreams, ambition etc.

Everything was fine until Jayantilal met Preeti.

He happens to see an ad in the newspaper about a bungalow to be sold. He visits the bungalow as an estate agent and meets Preeti, who stays alone in there. Preeti's father is dead. Her maternal uncle and aunt in Baroda have raised her. After her father's death, Preeti wants to sell off this huge bunglow. This is how she meets Jayantilal. Our hero is shrewd and cunning, whereas Preeti is simple and innocent. After seeing the papers of the bunglow, Jayantilal decided that he can easily make a fool out of this girl because she doesn't know that she owns a surrounding place of the bunglow which is illegally occupied by a local thug Bakulbhai.

Jayantilal prepares a power of attorney and asks for Preeti's signature, as he wants a big cut in the deal. However, he doesn't do it. He realizes that Preeti believes in simple philosophy : It's good to be cheated, then to cheat. She gives away the keys to the bunglow and goes to Baroda for some days. Jayantilal gets the shock of his life. He tears of those papers prepared by him Infact, Preeti's simple philosophy transforms this shrewd man into a kind and loving person. He gradually falls in love with this girl, who has found a friend, philosopher and guide in him. Now, jayantilal has an important mission in his life. To save Preeti's estate from Bakul.

Bakul is just a hooligan, who asks for protection money from the people. However, he is educated. The only reason for his to be a thug was unemployment. Jayantilal sends a legal notice to Bakul to vacate Preeti's place, which he has occupied illegally. When Bakul comes to know about this, he beats Jayantilal brutally. Preeti can't just see her friend and her guide to be beaten. She gives a tight slap to Bakul and lectures him about his so-called education.

This one slap changes the life of Bakul. He apologies Jayantilal and Preeti, and genuinely tries to become a good man. Once, when Preeti's uncle and aunt visit Preeti to scold her, Bakul takes control of the situation and saves Preeti from the clutches of her overpowering aunt. At this point, the story takes a dramatic turn. Preeti falls in love with Bakul. And the triangle begins. Jayantilal loves Preeti loves Bakul. Jayantilal is sure that preeti will get married to him. He prepares for the marriage. Incidentally, Bakul and Preeti are getting marries the same day.

The confusion prevails till the end. when story reaches its crescendo. All these three characters reach the place of wedding. And what happens in the marriage hall is.. No, it can't be told, as it should be seen to be believed.

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