Hatt Tarini Hath Mathi Gayi

Hatt Tarini Hath Mathi Gayi

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Hatt Tarini Hath Mathi Gayi   (Gujarati Comedy Play) - 2007
Writer :   
Director :  Firoz Bhagat
Cast :  Deepak Gheewala, Vimal Vithlani, Yogesh Upadhyay, Haresh Panchal, Kosha Munshi, Mukund Panchal, Reshma Desai, Pranati Pradhan
Synopsis :  Story is of a father who loves his daughter very much. Father doesn’t want her daughter to get married and so he doesn’t think in that direction. But reverse is the case at the other side. Daughter fell in love. And now the rebellious daughter start opposing her father and this battle between the daughter and her father creates complete laughter. Watch tremendous comedy play Hatt Tarini Hath Mathi Gayi.
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