Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi

Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi

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Creative Arts' latest theatric venture 'Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi' is an interesting tale of a family which is saved from troubles and behavioral tension by none but a family member herself, but only after she is dead.

The drama has Dimple Shah in the title role. Written by Jeetu Parmar and directed by Umesh Shukla, the play also stars Nitin Vakharia, Arun Ranjankar, Raksha Desai, Naresh Shah, Deepesh Shah, Jagesh Mukati and Ambika Ranjankar. It has sets by newcomer Twisha Pal. Lights by Jitendra Joshi and music by Sachin Sanghvi. The drama is produced by Dharmesh Mehta and Jitendra Joshi and presented by Kaustubh Trivedi.

Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi is a story of Mehta family, which is headed by Vasantrai (Naresh Shah). He is a diamond merchant who has a feeling that his wife Saguna (Raksha Desai) is a stubborn lady. His feeling is shared by their son Mukesh (Jagesh Mukati), Punjabi daughter-in-law Sandhya (Ambika Ranjankar) also. Saguna is a woman who, like all good Indian housewives, has devoted her entire life to look after the family. But she has got nothing but despise and insults in returns. The only person she always felt who understands her is her youngest son Rahul (Nitin Vakharia) who, to Saguna's dismay marries an orphan Ramila (Dimple Shah) without even consenting mother.

Frustrated by the downward trend in diamonds business, Vasantrai wants to start some new business to make big bucks. That's when he comes across a film producer Ahmed Khan (Arun Ranjankar) aka AK 47 who lures him to invest and produce a film. But little did he know that AK 47 would run away with his money without even starting a film.

Humble and family loving Ramila wins hearts of all family members soon. Her growing importance in the family becomes an issue for Sandhya. She is the woman whose materialistic mind never lets her be at ease. While her husband Mukesh keeps himself busy in gambling and betting on race, Sandhya keeps on working out new ways of taking over the properties of family. And when she sees that Ramila is given more respect and love than her, she works out a plan to make Ramila handicap for life. But the ploy she creates for this is so lethal that Ramila dies on the spot in the presence of her mother-in-law and Buddhisagar uncle (Deepesh Shah). Buddhisagar is a man who knows black magic and on the request of Saguna, he agrees to…

Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi is an entertaining drama with imaginative story and neatly crafted plot. The most important factor of this drama is none other than Dimple Shah's performance. With her experience and ability, she shoulders the responsibility of carrying the drama with ease. And she also gets into the skin of the characters from Ramila to Phoolan Devi and others. She is remarkable especially in funny and emotional moments.

Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi is running successfully in Mumbai since its launch. Have you seen it or not?

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