Baa E Maari Boundary

Baa E Maari Boundary

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Baa E Maari Boundary (Gujarati Comedy Drama) - 2008

Director : 

Vipul Mehta

Cast : 

Padmarani, Sanat Vyas, Jagesh Mukati, Jimit Trivedi, Linesh Fanase, Snehal Trivedi, Dipali Bhuta, Harsha Mehta, Dhiraj Singh

Synopsis : 

Baa E Maari Boundary’ is a social satirical comedy with its main protagonist being Bharati Bhatia, an old and a lonely woman who’s status in her disturbed and strained family is nothing more than that of a piece of furniture. The treatment meted out to her is either full of humiliation or that of indifference. The twist in the story comes when Bharati’s grandson arrives to India from America and persuades her to try modeling for commercials. To everyone’s shock, Bharati turns into a supermodel and an overnight celebrity. The rest of the play is about how Bharati uses her new found confidence and celebrity status to re-consolidate her position in the family and to bring her family closer.

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