Haar Jeet

Haar Jeet

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Haar Jeet   (Gujarati Suspense Play) - 2007
Writer :   
Director :  Arvind Joshi
Cast :  Mukesh Rawal,Mehul Bhuch,Padmesh Pandit,Ajay Parekh,Hiralal Thakkar, Sachi Joshi,Priti Jain,Kukul Tarmastar,Tulsi Rajada
Synopsis :  Two close friends, 20 years ago both get married and that too on same day and under same marriage pendal. Time is passing quickly and both of them have happy marriage life. On their 20th marriage anniversary, single movement changes their life. During that celebration of marriage anniversary, first friend’s wife is killed and accuse is none other then wife of other friend. Now begins the blame game. What will be the result of this blame game? For that watch the play Harjeet
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