DTP & Print Publishing Assistant in Gujarati

DTP & Print Publishing Assistant in Gujarati

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DTP & Print Publishing Assistant in Gujarati

Course Code : ICT702 : સંપૂર્ણ પુસ્તક ગુજરાતીમાં છે.

DTP & Print Publishing Assistant - Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) Based On MES Courses Approved by NCVT.
Computer Fundamental (Theory).........1
. History and Generations of Computer
. Advantage and disadvantage of Computer
. Block Diagram of a Computer
. Description of Different parts of a Computer.
. System Software and Application Software
Computer Fundamental (Practical)......14
. Identification of Different parts of a Computer System.
. Turning a computer system on and off
Windows OS (Practical)........17
. Identifying different Desktop Icons. My Computer, My Documents
. Changing Desktop Backgrounds, Mouse Pointer, Screen Saver
. Notepad , WordPad, MS Paint
MS Office (Theory).........29
. Introduction to MS Office
. Word Processing Software
. Electronic Spreadsheet
MS Word (Practical)..........33
. Document formatting options , Tables, Bullets and Numbering
. Font, Alignment, paragraph formatting , Insert Picture, Clipart, Shapes, WordArt
. Header & Footer, Text Box , Page Layout, Mail Merge , Spelling & Grammar
MS Excel (Practical).........54
. CeII Formatting Options , Formulas and Functions , Charts
. Sort, Filter, What if Analysis, Grouping , Subtotal
MS PowerPoint (Practical)........72
Creating Slide Show by using Animation Technique, Slide Master.
Clip Art. Picture Editing
PageMaker (Theory).......79
. Introduction to various versions, concepts and applications of PageMaker
. Guides & rulers. Drawing tools. Fills & outlines.
PageMaker (Practical......86
. Creating new Files, Entering text, Defining style, Saving files, Creating Frame
. Inserting and removing pages, Adding shapes, Creating header and footer
. Using story Editor, Developing long documents, Using colour, Printing
. Practice on Multilingual software like INDIC
CorelDraw (Theory).........102
. Print Design Basics
. Study Printing technology and uses
. Design Principles & Color Harmony
. Introduction to colors
. Primary and Secondary in both RGB & CMYK schemes/modes
. Importance of each primary and secondary color
. Proper Application of color
. Analyze colors applied in different print media
. Visualize look and feel of a print or a web to apply colors
. Study different fonts and typo issues with Web design
Layout Design
. Study Designing standards, Print layout Design and creative visualization for
intuitive layouts
Computer Graphics
. Introduction to various versions, concepts and applications of Corel Draw
. Know the difference between Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics. Know the
difference between Screen Graphics and Pixel Graphics. Understand the
following formats :- .pdf, .eps, .svg, .svgz, .psd, mp, .gif, .jpg, .pcx, .pct, .png,
raw, .sct, .tga, .tiff, .vst
CorelDraw (Practical) 121
. Drawing-lines, shapes inserting-pictures, objects, tables, templates,
. Use of various tools such as Pick tools, Zoom tools, Free hand tool, square
tool, rectangle tool, Text tool, Fill tool etc. and all fonts used in designing of
monograms, logos, posters, stickers, greeting cards, wedding cards, visiting
cards, etc
. Adding special effects, Exporting drawings, outlining & filling objects,
. Inserting symbols & Clip arts
. Exporting file
. Use features of Corel draw to create artistic characters and shapes.
Photo Shop (Theory) 246
4. Introduction to various versions, concepts and applications of Photoshop
5. Understanding the Print Industry, Printing technology and uses
6. Understanding Design principles and colortheory
7. Understanding the use of various fonts and typo issues with Web design
8. Understanding Designing standards, Print layout Design and creative
visualization for intuitive layouts
Understanding and using the computer and Operating System
Photo Shop (Practical)..........261
. Photoshop-History & introduction, the file menu, the tools, Drawing lines & shapes.
. Photo editing /inserting starting with Setting Up, introduction of layers
. The Interface Managing Palettes
. Working With Photoshop Tools Working With Layers
. WEB & WEB GALLERY using internet explorer in photo shop
. creating animations using image ready, creating animations & presentations
. Tips and tricks in Photoshop
. and formats, Working with Creating Illustrations apply different color scheme
Palettes Digital Imaging
. Working with Images in Photoshop. Working with Palettes, i.e., layers palette,
navigator palette, info palette, color palette, Swatches palette, Styles palette,
History palette, Actions Palette, Tool preset palette, Channels Palette and Path
Palette. Working with Layers
. Photo editing
. Image adjustment options iV Labels, Auto labels, Auto contrasts, Curves, Color
balance, Brightness / Contrast, Posterize , Variations
. Preparing the file and work area. Creating different shapes
. Creating three Dimensional effects using Layers
. Working with the magic wand tool and lasso tool
. Creating images using Symbol Sprayer Tool.
Edit the images using options of Warp Tool. Using Dodge tool, Burn tool,
Sponge Tool and Clone Stamp Tool.
. Editing Selections.
. Creating images and giving special effects using Filters.
. Using Layer Styles.
. Produce an image by mixing two or more different images using Layer Masking
Vector Masking.
Print Technology & Print Publishing using Pagemake
9. Types of Printing an lntroduction-Letterpress printing-lithography-offset
10. printing- different printing process-machines for letterpress, offset, gravure,
11 . flexography and screen printing-printing materials.
12 planning a printing, design factors, color application-film assembly and
13. plate making-binding & finishing.
14. Image editing, color correction, color management, poly master, methods of
15. color proofing.
16. Different types of font, text file formats, vector & raster graphics, graphics
17. file formats.
Print Technology & Print Publishing using Pagemaker f
. Designing layouts for print, integrating media elements on print layouts and
saving files for print compatibility
. Understanding how images are formed, image file formats and their properties
Creating Illustrations for visual media with good understanding of colors and
. Designing for different visual medium and create professional images especially
for Print Advertising media
. Designing layouts for print, integrating media elements on print layouts and
saving files for print compatibility
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