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Play N Learn Gujarati (Level 1)

Play N Learn Gujarati (Level 1)
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Research Suggests, bilingual kids show better educational development. Kids grasp another language easily, when they know their mother tongue well. With these CD kids can learn Gujarati basics and phonics while playing interactive and fun filled games.
1) Varnamala and Barahkhadi game :

The logical first step in learning any language is to learn the alphabet. That is what this game will teach you, in a very easy and enjoyable way. Here there are various alphabets which suggest their usage in the language words.
2) Concentration Game :

A fun way to review and memories the letters seen in the barahkhadi game. This in turn will help to know the child's recapitulation skills in general along with the language too.
3) Find First Letter :

By now you would have had enough practice of letters. So the next step would be to see how these letters are used in words. Find First Letter is a very interactive game that kids will surely enjoy. Moreover the child's general knowledge will be far more at a faster pace.
4) Same Beginning Sounds :

Another fun word game about words beginning with the same letter, to see how different words can have the same beginning sound. Most of these words are commonly used and so kids will be exposed to names of many common objects. And thus being a progressive step in this interactive CD collection as the child will get to know the numbers in Gujarati language.
5) Counting Game :

After learning the alphabet and word formation, you may be about ready to learn numbers and counting. So the interactive counting game is the next step.
6) Colors :

This game introduces kids to colors, with a completely different theme for each color. While identifying different objects of a color, kids learn not only that color name, but also the Gujarati names of many familiar objects.
7) Stories :

Stories are both interesting and relaxing for children and so in our CD we have included two stories that are told with beautiful illustrations. We have chosen typical stories told in India, and the children will enjoy these while hearing and seeing sentence formation.
8) Musical Palace : has two parts :

Musical Instruments : has common Indian musical instruments and their sounds.
Songs : has simple yet lovely Gujarati songs and poems that the kids are sure to enjoy. So the Musical Palace while being fun, brings children closer to Indian culture.
9) Dress Up Girl :

Another unique and interactive game that the kids will love to play, while learning about Indian dresses and jewelry. Hence making themselves familiar to the Indian tradition too.
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